Financial Aspects

GPF Capital provides not only capital, but also support and advice on core financial aspects of the business:

  1. Planning and reporting.
  2. Capital structure optimization.
  3. Treasury management.
  4. Investment/divestment strategies.

GPF Capital supports companies in their growth cycles, assisting them in obtaining the optimal funding.

Optimal Partner

The experience of GPF Capital’s management team makes GPF Capital the optimal partner for:

  1. Shareholders/founders and management teams.
  2. Co-investors who seek local partners who can add value.

Value Creation

Relevant experience:

  1. Operational and financial support.
  2. Development and implementation of corporate strategies.
  3. Financially driven decision making.

Value creation tools:

  1. Operational improvements (organic and margin growth).
  2. Market consolidation.
  3. International expansion.
  4. Capital transition in family owned companies.
  5. Management involvement in shareholding structures.